% IMAGEFACTORYD(1) Version 2.0 - July 27, 2012 User Manual


imagefactoryd - create virtual machine images for use on a variety of clouds


imagefactoryd [-h] [-v] [--verbose] [--debug] [--config CONFIG]
              [--imgdir IMGDIR] [--timeout TIMEOUT] [--tmpdir TMPDIR]
              [--plugins PLUGINS] [--ec2-32bit-util EC2_32BIT_UTIL]
              [--ec2-64bit-util EC2_64BIT_UTIL] [--foreground]
              [--port PORT] [--address ADDRESS] [--no_ssl]
              [--ssl_pem SSL_PEM] [--no_oauth]


imagefactoryd is the command for starting the Image Factory REST API.

Image Factory builds virtual machine images using an image template document (also known as a component outline), which is an abstract description of the system to be built. See the TDL schema documentation for a full description of what can be specified in a template. Built images can then be pushed to cloud providers such as Amazon EC2 or VMware vSphere where they can be launched as instances.

imagefactoryd provides a RESTful API to the Image Factory framework for for building and pushing images. See the Image Factory REST API documentation for more details.

Command line options are described further down in this document. For more configuration options, see the Image Factory configuration documentation.

Starting and Stopping imagefactoryd

Image Factory can be started, stopped, and restarted like most other services.

% service imagefactoryd start
% service imagefactoryd stop


-h, --help            show this help message and exit
-v, --version         show version number and exit
--verbose             Set verbose logging.
--debug               Set really verbose logging for debugging.
--config CONFIG       Configuration file to use. (default:
--imgdir IMGDIR       Build image files in location specified. (default:
--timeout TIMEOUT     Set the timeout period for image building in seconds.
                        (default: 3600)
--tmpdir TMPDIR       Use the specified location for temporary files.
                        (default: /tmp)
--plugins PLUGINS     Plugin directory. (default: /etc/imagefactory/plugins.d)
--foreground          Stay in the foreground and avoid launching a daemon.
                        (default: False)

EC2 settings:
    --ec2-32bit-util EC2_32BIT_UTIL
                        Instance type to use when launching a 32 bit utility
    --ec2-64bit-util EC2_64BIT_UTIL
                        Instance type to use when launching a 64 bit utility

REST service options:
    --port PORT           Port to attach the RESTful http interface to. (defaul:
    --address ADDRESS     Interface address to listen to. (defaul:
    --no_ssl              Turn off SSL. (default: False)
    --ssl_pem SSL_PEM     PEM certificate file to use for HTTPS access to the
                            REST interface. (default: A transient certificate is
                            generated at runtime.)
    --no_oauth            Use 2 legged OAuth to protect the REST interface.
                            (default: False)