imagefactory builds images for a variety of operating system/cloud combinations.

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imagefactory makes cloud image creation easy

  1. Add the yum repository:

     $ su -c "(cd /etc/yum.repos.d; wget"
  2. Install the packages:

     $ su -c "yum install imagefactory imagefactory-plugins \
     imagefactory-plugins-FedoraOS \
     imagefactory-plugins-OpenStackCloud \
     imagefactory-plugins-RHEVM \
     imagefactory-plugins-vSphere \
     imagefactory-plugins-EC2Cloud \
  3. Get a system template:

     $ wget
  4. Build the image:

     $ su -c "imagefactory target_image --template f17_x86_64.tdl ec2"
  5. Create your EC2 credentials file:

     $ create-ec2-factory-credentials        
  6. Push (upload) the image to EC2 us-east-1:

     $ su -c "imagefactory provider_image --id <uuid_from_previous_step> ec2 @us-east-1 ec2_credentials.xml"